Brenda Johnson for District 63B

Let’s Win Together.

I am a listener, a relationship builder, and a member of the community about us who has a passion for representing people and their issues.  I guarantee to hear your issues first-hand, raise those issues and your ideas for addressing, and to be accountable to the Richfield and South Minneapolis communities within District 63B.


As a 26-year educational professional, I understand our lost opportunities for lifting overall educational achievement and for closing the achievement gaps. I believe in addressing funding issues, the need for greater integration with community services, and the School to Prison Pipeline head-on.

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As a long-time assembler of residential, faith, and public service community gatherings, I believe the best programs for positively affecting the issues we face are borne out of dialog that we can bring together, face-to-face.

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As a lifelong public servant and a woman whose been no stranger to life’s challenges, I grasp the need for housing accessibility, healthcare accessibility, and growth in living wage job opportunities in our community.

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